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Myofascial Release
Myofascial release is a technique specifically
aimed at facilitating positive change within the
connective tissue in the body known as fascia.
Fascia is a pervasive tissue in the body, representing
a three-dimensional network from head to toe. Fascia
thickens and forms adhesions when there is trauma caused
by repetitive motion, injury or sitting in one position for long
periods of time.

Healthy, flexible fascia means better circulation, better tissue nutrition, and
better movement within the body and muscle systems. Poor function in the
fascia will cause pain and stiffness. To manipulate the fascia, your massage practitioner will perform tests of range of motion, incorporate subtle pulls, use a variety of stretches, and apply gentle pressure to the joints and attachment sites of muscles. This work requires a therapist skilled in perceiving minute changes and adapting the level of fascial manipulation based on the changes that occur within the tissues themselves. This work can be very relaxing, and is appropriate for a wide range of clients, from geriatrics to athletes



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