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Swedish massage
While Swedish massage has some commonly recognized
therapeutic effects, it is generally known as relaxation massage.
This is the type of massage most traditional spas offer. Each
session begins with long, gliding strokes to help improve circulation
and warm up the tissue for deeper strokes, while you slowly drift off
into a state of relaxation. Stroke length, speed and pressure vary
depending on bodily response. Techniques such as effleurage
(long slow gliding strokes), petrissage (kneading), friction
(crossing muscle fibers, gently undoing scar tissue and adhesions)
and many others will guide you into bliss.

The combination of techniques increases circulation, cleanses tissues and stretches muscles and joints. The personal warming touch of your therapist, combined with our peaceful setting creates countless benefits on the body, mind, and spirit. The mind is allowed a chance to relax in a quiet, safe place while the spirit invigorates and takes in the healing intentions of a professional, educated massage therapist. Clients should expect to feel a renewed sense of vitality at sessions end. Circulation should increase, allowing for flushing of metabolic waste and greater distribution of nutrients and oxygen. Muscles and joints should feel relaxed and pliable.



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